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Name:Tales of Dressing Room
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Welcome to Abysympheria! It is a lovely place where all characters (and yes, this includes forms of characters, as well) from any Tales of series are invited!

To eleborate: everyone/thing from the Abyss game's sidequests, Symphonia manga EX chapters, etc, etc, yougettheideayes?... … ...are welcome here! YES WE ACCEPT ALTERNATE UNIVERSE CHARACTERS, BEFORE YOU EVEN ASK! We prefer that you do not bring OCs, but we will not go so far as to throw them out!

So bring your Gay-for-Jade Luke, female Keele, creepy-stalker version of Altessa, thirteen-year-old Asbel Lhant, or even your very own cat-eared Regal! Seriously, none of us will boo you out for anything. In fact, we will probably get a big kick out of tossing one of our own AU characters your character's way!

So, as they often say, let the games begin!

Th-the setting? Oh, right... about that... Here, have something that I literally just created as I typed.

You woke up, face-down in the mud, outside of a cozy-looking town. You decide to go check it out, only to discover nobody seems to hear you...

Oh, yeah... Maybe someone should mention that they hate outsiders, here. To the point that you do not so much as exist, to them. Good luck getting even the most adorable little girl to talk to you, buddy! No, you probably should not, since you might get a kick to the shin, or something...

So, yeah. There is serious hatred coming your way. You may want to check your food, before eating it... unless you are smart and eat at home (if you can even manage to get a home oh, duh.... this is role play. You can just decide to give yourself one). The only person you could hope to have any luck with (unless you are a Lloyd interacting with a Mithos, or something) is a fellow outsider!

Uh... so... every single detail is up to you, from this point forward? Have fun!

Note: There will be events, every now and then. Be on the look out for a “town posting” in the square! ♥
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